Environmental benefits of corrugated cardboard in packaging

  The issue of choosing packaging for goods is very acute all over the world. This is due to the fact that individual packaging acts as one of the main pollutants of the planet. Plastic is at the top of this list. In recent years, polymer products began to move to secondary positions due to the active use of corrugated cardboard. This material is environmentally friendly and does not have a negative impact on the environment. Let's take a closer look at its environmental characteristics and compare it with analogues in terms of safety for the environment.Distinctive features of ecological packaging made of corrugated cardboard  The transition to environmentally friendly materials is an urgent issue, because every year all countries of the world try to minimize the amount of waste. Therefore, there are three key criteria that indicate the environmental friendliness of packaging:1. Production . The process of manufacturing the container itself should not have a negative impact on the environment. Renewable materials should be used as raw materials. At all stages of production, the amount of potentially dangerous substances should not exceed permissible standards. As for corrugated cardboard, it fully meets this criterion, because it is made from natural raw materials.2. Application . Environmentally friendly packaging can be used for storage, transportation, delivery and presentation of products. At the same time, the strength indicators should not be inferior to analogues that do not decompose. Corrugated cardboard packaging, depending on the number of layers, is suitable even for heavy equipment, while it is suitable for the safe storage and transportation of various goods, including fragile products.3. Disposal . Another key point that involves recycling through biodegradation or composting. Both options are absolutely safe for nature and people. It is important that film, plastic and other polymers take 100-1000 years to decompose, and biodegradable packaging undergoes this process in a few months in the environment. In addition, corrugated packaging can be used as a secondary raw material.It is important to note that paper, cardboard and corrugated cardboard are wood derivatives that are obtained from renewable resources. In order for the packaging to be truly ecological, a deforestation control program has been launched in our country. According to statistics, the annual planting and growth exceed the felling rate, which makes it possible to assign corrugated boxes to the renewable category.Ecological differences of corrugated cardboard from analogues  No modern production can collect, store and transport its products without containers. This applies to both small confectionery and industrial workshops for the production of equipment or household appliances. In any of the options, it is necessary to limit the finished products from the negative effects of moisture, wind, sun and mechanical influences. In the vast majority of cases, corrugated cardboard packaging is used, which actively replaces wood, plastic, metal and other materials that are also suitable for packaging.In addition to technical characteristics, price and practicality, corrugated boxes and boxes win in the environmental aspect according to the following parameters:1. Processing . The main environmental advantage of corrugated cardboard is the possibility of reuse. The material is easily disposed of and subject to secondary processing. This reduces the amount of waste and reduces the negative impact on the environment.2. Biodegradability . Unlike plastic materials, corrugated cardboard has biodegradable properties. The components break down into safe particles naturally, without contaminating the soil and water. This is important to reduce the overall negative impact on the ecosystem and maintain balance.3. Energy saving . The production of corrugated cardboard requires less energy than analogues such as plastic or glass. The production process of multilayer cardboard is more efficient and economically profitable, which reduces carbon emissions into the atmosphere and ensures energy savings.4. Low weight. Corrugated cardboard is relatively light in weight compared to some alternative materials. This reduces energy costs for transportation, which results in lower CO2 emissions and a reduction in the overall carbon footprint.5. Resistance to moisture . Unlike cardboard packages, which can lose strength under the influence of moisture, corrugated cardboard is resistant to water. This increases its durability and reduces the need for frequent replacement of packaging, which in turn reduces the impact on the environment.6. Possibility of repeated use. Corrugated cardboard can often be reused, which helps to reduce the consumption of new resources.It is interesting that initially corrugated cardboard boxes were made of wood, but now secondary raw materials can replace about 10-15% of wooden products. Corrugated packaging is a balanced solution between efficient packaging and respect for the environment. The environmental benefits of this material make it a profitable choice for business representatives who seek to reduce their negative impact on nature.Key advantages of corrugated cardboard  In addition to environmental aspects, containers made of corrugated cardboard are more profitable for business in economic terms. The material allows you to get a number of undeniable advantages that help minimize costs and increase the profitability of the project. In order not to be verbose, it is worth noting a number of advantages of corrugated cardboard as a packaging material:1. Compactness. When folded, self-assembling boxes and trays look like flat, dense sheets. Thanks to this, they take up a minimum of useful space during storage and do not cause problems for transportation.2. Price. This is one of the key points for every businessman, because cardboard products are an order of magnitude cheaper than polymer, metal or wooden counterparts.3. Versatility. Manufacturers of corrugated boxes offer different types of packaging, which differ in size, shape, and the presence of auxiliary elements. In addition, most have the option of individual ordering, which allows you to create packaging with the necessary parameters for a specific product.4. Strength. The market offers containers made of 2-3-5 and 7-layer corrugated cardboard. Each category has a certain level of strength and stability, which allows packing both small cupcakes and heavy industrial equipment.5. Design. Another important feature is the possibility of printing on the surface of corrugated cardboard boxes. You can order a logo, slogan or other elements that will create an association with the company and thus promote the brand. You can also order the production of gift or branded products.6. Operation. The boxes are collapsible and allow you to ergonomically fill the entire space of the car body during transportation. In addition, there are trays with windows or lids for displaying the product.All this, in combination with ecological characteristics, has led to a huge demand for corrugated cardboard packaging all over the world.Why is corrugated packaging safe?  The process of manufacturing containers is strictly controlled by regulatory bodies, especially the source material. During production, only ecologically clean raw materials that have the appropriate certificates are used. In addition, each batch of wood has permit documentation, which excludes the use of material of unknown origin.It is worth noting that wood is not the only source of raw materials for the production of boxes and crates made of corrugated cardboard. The purchase of waste paper and its use in the process of secondary processing is actively increasing every year. It is important that such processing can be performed several times. As a result, a huge amount of wood can be saved every year.As for the safety and harmlessness of corrugated cardboard, it is worth emphasizing the following points:● complete breakdown into the simplest molecules in a few years, while there is no harm to the soil, water or microorganisms that live there;● multiple studies have proven that corrugated cardboard is an inert material that does not enter into chemical reactions with food or other substances;● in the process of decomposition, corrugated cardboard does not emit toxins or unpleasant odors;● the production process is not accompanied by dangerous emissions into the atmosphere, huge consumption of water and energy;● energy for production, like the materials themselves, can be obtained from renewable sources;● cardboard packs for liquid become relevant - one truck with such packaging replaces 25 cars filled with glass material with the same volume, which significantly reduces the amount of car exhaust and logistics costs.All this allows us to note the ecological features and advantages of corrugated cardboard packaging not only for business, but also for the environment and human health. This material is a leader in all fields due to high technical characteristics that surpass analogues.

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