Corrugated cardboard and stylish designer packaging: how to make an impression on the client

  Today, the majority of goods are delivered in corrugated boxes, trays and boxes. Such products have excellent technical characteristics, are resistant to external factors and have an affordable price. All these factors led to the high popularity of corrugated cardboard both among container manufacturers and among business representatives who purchase it for product packaging.
Experienced manufacturers know well that the choice of packaging for goods is an important and responsible moment, because the success of the business depends on it. It is high-quality packaging that provides protection from the sun, wind, shocks and moisture. Accordingly, the risk of product spoilage during long-term storage and transportation is minimized. In addition, stylish design packaging attracts the attention of a potential buyer and forms positive associations with the brand.
The main functions of corrugated cardboard packaging
First of all, it is worth saying that corrugated cardboard is the most common packaging material. Structurally, it is a multi-layered material made of straight and wavy sheets. One sheet can have 2, 3, 5 or 7 alternate layers, which directly affects the technical characteristics and scope of application. The popularity of corrugated cardboard is due to the following features:
1. Protection. Wavy layers dampen mechanical vibrations, protecting the contents from damage.
2. Storage. Correct forms of containers simplify the process of assembly and transportation.
3. Environmental friendliness. The material is absolutely safe for all categories of goods, including food products.
4. Economy. This is the most affordable option of durable packaging today.
5. Branding. Logos, inscriptions or company slogans can be applied to the surface of corrugated cardboard boxes.
6. Versatility. A wide range of boxes and crates in various sizes and shapes is presented.
7. Lightness. The minimal weight of the package significantly reduces logistics costs and simplifies loading.
8. Simplicity. Boxes are assembled in a matter of minutes without special skills and knowledge.
All these factors directly affect the quality of product storage, the convenience of logistics and the profitability of the business project. But, in addition to practical aspects, the design, appearance and attractiveness of the container are also important, which are also key factors in the sale of goods.
Influence of style and design of corrugated packaging on buyers
The packaging creates the first impression of the product. When walking through a store and looking at the shelves, a potential consumer devotes about 2 seconds of his attention to the presented items in the window. It is at this moment that the packaging should attract the attention and interest of the potential buyer.
The main task in the process of packaging design development is to please the consumer and do everything possible so that the product ends up in their hands.
Conducted studies have shown that 62% of all purchases are formed based on the first visual impression. Knowing the psychology of customer behavior allows you to develop packaging that will sell the product itself. At the same time, it is important to achieve three main marketing goals:
1. Emotional connection . It is important that the corrugator evokes positive emotions: joy, pride, admiration, interest, etc. This can be achieved with an unusual box shape, decorative elements or a stylish design with bright, memorable details. Emotional perception pushes most consumers to buy.
2. Information availability . The customer must provide complete information about the product: purpose, composition, expiration date, etc. All this builds trust and confidence in quality. For many people, the availability of information is a priority.
3. Loyalty to the brand . If the consumer remains satisfied after buying a certain product, this creates a positive impression of the manufacturer. At the same time, he will focus on the appearance of the packaging, brand logos and colors.
These are the three marketing pillars that confirm that the packaging is able to sell itself and the product inside. Of course, if you put a gray corrugated cardboard box on the same shelf and a similar one, but with bright images, logos and supporting information, then the latter will win. Thoughtful style and design form a positive first impression and stimulate a purchase. Moreover, different products have their own design requirements depending on the target audience and subject matter.
How to make an impression on the client with the help of packaging?
In order to arouse the client's interest in the product, it is necessary to carefully develop the design of the corrugated cardboard packaging, which the potential buyer will see first. Accordingly, the following factors of successful packaging should be taken into account in the development process:
1. Attractiveness . First of all, the packaging should have an aesthetically pleasing appearance that immediately catches the eye and arouses interest. If we are talking about products for young people, it is worth choosing a combination of bright shades, bold and creative design. For consumers of the middle age category, classic tones are better suited. For example, to successfully sell chocolate, its packaging should have a palette from red to black, because it is they that stimulate the desire for sweets.
2. Recognition . In addition to using brand colors, you need to establish an emotional connection by adding a certain bright or unusual detail. It is he who will be associated with your product, increasing trust.
3. Convenience . The packaging should be practical in terms of opening/closing and carry all the necessary information about the product. It is also worth thinking about the further use of the product and the convenience of storing it in the same packaging (for example, if you sell appliances, electronics). With an increased size of the container, it will not be superfluous to equip the handles, which will ensure a convenient transfer process. If we are talking about food, it is good if corrugated cardboard is suitable for storing in the refrigerator. All this will help to stand out from the competition and increase user comfort.
4. Environmental friendliness . It is important to emphasize that the packaging is absolutely safe for humans and is recyclable. If it is made from secondary raw materials, it will be an advantage against the background of overspending of resources and the desire to save the planet.
5. Target audience . It is necessary to clearly understand the main circle of consumers of a particular product. This will allow you to understand the main benefits and flavors, which can also be displayed on the packaging. Sometimes even small details can attract the attention of the buyer.
6. Memorability . The main task of a marketer is to develop a concept that will be remembered and remind about the product. It can be a logo, a slogan, an unusual font, a combination of colors and other details that will build an associative series.
Packaging design is not only a component of marketing strategy, but also an effective means of native advertising. It is important to realize that even just passing by the boxes with an expressive design, the consumer pays attention to them and subconsciously ticks the boxes for the future. The box not only stands out from the competition, but is also able to attract attention, evoke emotions and stimulate a purchase.
Interesting stylistic solutions when creating corrugated packaging
In addition to design, various decorative elements and methods can be used to emphasize the uniqueness and philosophy of the brand. Let's consider the most effective modern methods that are already working now:
1. Inserts for review . An excellent solution for displaying products is transparent inserts in the lids or side parts of the corrugated box. They allow the buyer to visually familiarize themselves with the product, thereby increasing trust. This is mostly relevant for food products.
2. Dual purpose . Marketers often think about how the packaging can be used after removing the product itself. For example, it can be a box for small things, for children's products, coloring on the bottom or the possibility of turning the package into a toy would be a great solution. The Saucony shoe company offered its customers to personally create a design from the box, after which the best version received a prize, and the project itself went into circulation.
3. Minimalism . Variegated shades do not always win, especially against the background of the same products of competitors. In this case, an ordinary gray or white corrugated cardboard box with a concise brand inscription or logo can stand out. This approach can work if competitors use mostly bright colors.
4. Templates . Far from always, the human brain wants to look for associations and subtext. Sometimes it is better to create a design that directly speaks about the product and its purpose. Of course, this will not allow you to stand out from the competition, but it will accelerate the promotion of a particular brand.
5. Unpacking the goods . It is important that the removal of content does not create a new quest for the consumer, in which they cannot do without scissors or other auxiliary tools.
The design and style of corrugated cardboard packaging is not only an aesthetic look, but also a carefully thought-out concept. Accented packaging design has a powerful potential to attract the attention of consumers, evoke an emotional response, provide complete information about the product and become a necessary component of the brand's strategic advertising project. With the right approach, you can achieve effective promotion, create a positive image of the company and increase the profitability of the project.
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