Corrugated cardboard and e-commerce: the importance of the right packaging for online business

Corrugated cardboard is a modern packaging material that has excellent technical characteristics. Structurally, it is a canvas in which wavy and flat layers of cardboard alternate, connected to each other by an adhesive composition. Such a combination guarantees high strength, resistance to tearing and effective damping of mechanical influences at a minimum cost of packaging material.Internet trade is one of the key consumers of corrugated cardboard containers. This area is related to the delivery of products by transport companies. At the same time, boxes, boxes and trays are able to provide maximum protection for all types of goods. Absolutely everything can be packed in corrugated cardboard: food, appliances, cosmetics, medicines, clothes, tools, equipment and much more. Let's consider in more detail the advantages of corrugated cardboard packaging for the direction of online trade.The reasons for the increase in popularity of corrugated iron  Corrugated cardboard production capacity is increasing every year. Ukrainian enterprises demonstrate a growing demand for packaging from this material, which is due to the following factors:1. A significant increase in the percentage of online sales. Statistics show an annual increase in online shopping, which is accompanied by an increase in the number of order delivery points. All this points to the complication and continuation of logistics chains, where the main packaging material is corrugated cardboard.2. The increase in demand for boxes is due to the desire of each manufacturer to brand products. It is no longer relevant to use standard boxes and fill voids with fillers in the form of paper or foam crumb. The majority of companies order corrugated iron in individual sizes and with a personal design for a specific product and brand.3. Internet sales follow modern trends, which is why environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard is used instead of packaging made of polymer materials. Every online store attaches great importance to its image, and the choice of paper packaging is one of the ways to show care for the environment.4. Lately, demo SRP packs have become very popular on the Internet and in brick-and-mortar stores. They can be used to display merchandise on shelves or to increase appeal and profitability.All these reasons show why corrugated packaging is becoming more and more popular and relevant among those who run an online business.How does packaging affect online shopping?  Many novice online businessmen may not even realize how important the right selection of containers is. If you study this issue more deeply, you can discover the main patterns that affect the success, development and profitability of the entire project. For clarity, the key influencing factors should be noted.Product protectionThe process of storage, loading and transportation is directly related to mechanical effects on the packaging and the product inside. Corrugated cardboard, thanks to its wavy structure, is able to absorb shaking, vibration, shocks and the impact of a possible fall. In addition, boxes can have an additional coating that can effectively protect products from the harmful effects of moisture.All this minimizes the risk of product damage on the way from the online store to the final recipient. Accordingly, the number of failures due to deformation, battle and other defects is reduced. This allows the store to make a profit and increase trust among customers.Logistics efficiency  Development and calculation of delivery schemes is one of the most important points in the work of an online store. It is important not only to plan the route, but also to calculate the location of the boxes on the pallet and the amount of goods that can fit in the truck. Thanks to the correct geometric shape, the corrugated box is easy to fold, using the space of the body or container as efficiently as possible.In addition, such packages have a minimum weight, which allows you to take on board more useful cargo. All this makes it possible to transport more goods in one trip, thereby reducing the cost of paying for fuel or the services of transport companies. On a larger scale, it minimizes environmental pollution with exhaust gases.MarketingThe surface of corrugated cardboard packaging is an ideal place for implementing advertising projects and promoting your own brand. Therefore, reputable online stores often order boxes with slogans, logos, contact information or other inscriptions associated with the company. All this allows you to turn the packaging into a business card of the product and brand, which is memorable and helps to build a strong emotional connection with consumers.Environmental aspects  Unlike plastic containers and polyethylene, corrugated cardboard is a natural, environmentally friendly product. The raw material is wood, which indicates complete safety for humans and the environment. In addition, the canvases are inert, do not react with other substances and do not emit potentially dangerous substances even when heated. All this makes it possible to form a positive image of the company and thus attract the target audience.Cost  The purchase of containers can become a significant category of expenses for a business. Of course, most companies will include the cost price in this amount, transferring the payment to the consumer and increasing the final price of the products. The use of corrugated cardboard allows you to minimize packaging costs and sell goods at the optimal price. In addition, the packaging is recyclable, which significantly reduces the burden on the environment and allows you to return part of the money spent. All this forms the ecological awareness of consumers.Implementation of technologies  Modern variants of corrugated cardboard packaging can have several levels of protection, which allows transporting fragile and oversized goods, electronics. It is possible to put information inscriptions on the surface of the container, which make it possible to understand how to handle and store the products. In order to minimize the percentage of losses in the logistics chain, QR codes and modern trackers are used, which allows the online store to deliver goods to its customers with high quality.All this confirms that corrugated cardboard is the best packaging option for online trade, regardless of the field of activity. It is a cheap and durable material that allows you to guarantee maximum product safety. The multi-layer fabric protects the goods from shocks, dust and moisture, which reduces the risk of fighting or damage to zero. The ecological purity of the container allows it to be used for packing absolutely any goods, including food, chemicals, cosmetics, electronics and industrial equipment.Which corrugated iron to choose for online sales?  At the moment, manufacturers of corrugated packaging offer consumers a huge number of options for boxes. They can differ in shape, size, color, wall thickness, lid design, opening scheme, etc. Most often, online stores use the following list of corrugated cardboard packaging for their products:1. Four-valved. This is a sought-after corrugated box that has support walls and two flaps that form a lid and a bottom thanks to overlapping elements. An excellent option for storage and transportation.2. Cover-bottom. The model consists of a bottom and a cover, which are identical in shape and size, but differ in the height of the sides. Often, online stores send small items in such a container: devices, clothes, etc.3. With a lid. A popular model, the distinguishing feature of which is the lid that folds down on one side. There are sealing lugs for additional fixation. Typically, such boxes are used to transport shoes, chemicals, cosmetics, electronics, and other medium-sized items.4. Double-sided hinged lid. Structurally, the closing element acts as one of the side walls. At the same time, the locking flaps are fixed using tape or a special lock.5. Corrugated roll An interesting option, which is a small box in height. There are round holes in the sides that provide ventilation of the contents. Such products are most often used in the transportation of fruits and vegetables.6. Dovetail. Another popular model of a self-assembling container, the name of which was obtained due to the crossed valves of the bottom, resembling a dovetail.7. Show box. Such boxes have a complex design and additional transparent elements that show the contents. This is an excellent option for food products, children's toys, and devices.This is just a basic list of corrugated packaging that online stores use to ship products to customers. In addition, you can order personalized packaging with the required dimensions, shape and design from container manufacturers, which will emphasize belonging to the brand.On the official website of the Ukrainian manufacturer of packaging materials — the Prydniprovsky plant — you can familiarize yourself with the assortment of corrugated cardboard packaging and choose the best option for your own business related to Internet trade or other direction.