Corrugated cardboard as a packaging option for electronics and sensitive goods

  Packaging, storage and transportation of electronics and other sensitive goods requires a special approach. It is important not only to prepare a room with a suitable microclimate and develop logistics routes, but also to choose the right container. This category of goods is sensitive to moisture, mechanical impact, dust, temperature changes and static electricity. In order to create optimal conditions and minimize the risks of damage to sensitive products, the vast majority of manufacturers prefer corrugated cardboard packaging. What are the advantages of such material and how to choose it correctly, we will understand further in the article.
Features of corrugated packaging for electronics
The first thing that the end customer notices is the packaging, which makes it an effective marketing tool for businesses. In every electronics store, you can see many bright boxes with drawings, inscriptions and logos that attract attention. But from the manufacturer's and distributor's point of view, packaging is a protection that allows you to deliver sensitive goods to the consumer without damage.
Modern corrugated cardboard boxes consist of the following structural elements:
1. Fluting. A wavy cardboard layer that dampens the force of mechanical influences.
2. Liner. A straight sheet responsible for the strength and stability of the canvas.
3. Coating. Most boxes for electronics have an additional polymer layer that protects the product from moisture or static charges.
4. Printing. Inscriptions, logos or full images can be applied to the surface of the container.
It is also important to remember that packaging for electronics and equipment must meet established quality requirements. At a minimum, this applies to the anti-static ESD standard S20.20. In some cases, for the transportation of aviation electronics or medical equipment, boxes must have good high temperature resistance. That is why, in addition to standard variations of containers, there are models with a narrow focus, which allows you to guarantee the preservation of a specific type of product.
How to choose corrugated packaging for electronics?
The correct selection of packaging material is the key to preserving the integrity and functionality of electronic devices. Accordingly, the manufacturer should approach the choice of containers with special attention. For this, a number of criteria must be taken into account:
1. Size. It is important that the dimensions of the box are slightly larger than the dimensions of the electronic device. Free space is not recommended, as the item will move during transportation, which will damage its integrity. Insufficient volume can also cause damage.
2. Form. It is advisable to choose a container with the appropriate configuration. For example, there are boxes for laptops, phones, lamps, washing machines, etc.
3. Antistatic. When storing and transporting electronics or computer equipment, the use of antistatic packaging is a must. If this requirement is ignored, the devices may be irreparably damaged.
4. Protection. Transportation of sensitive goods, glass products, phones or tablets requires the use of auxiliary passive safety elements. These include additional inserts, partitions that minimize the movement of goods.
5. Number. To transport and store 5-10 TVs, you can use universal packaging, but spend more on security. If we are talking about batches of 1000 copies or mass production, then it is more profitable to order personal boxes for a specific model. This allows you to reduce the costs of the container and minimize the fight.
These are the main parameters to consider when choosing corrugated packaging materials for electronics. In addition, it should be understood that packaging manufacturers offer their customers the manufacture of containers according to individual parameters. At the same time, branding can be done by applying a company logo, store name or a full image to the packaging surface. The manufacturer can provide several samples for approval, which allows you to choose the best option.
Rules for transporting electronics and sensitive equipment
Undoubtedly, the choice of packaging is an important point in preparation for storage and transportation of electronic products. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that the integrity of the product also depends on the quality of the packaging of the product inside the corrugated cardboard box. In order to minimize the risk of damage to appliances and household appliances throughout the logistics chain, a number of recommendations should be considered:
1. Static charges are very dangerous for electronics, but in addition to special boxes, you can also use foam or bags. Such materials exhibit antistatic qualities and guarantee full protection.
2. Minimize mechanical damage during loading/unloading and transportation of sensitive goods using bubble wrap. For large and massive objects, two-layer winding is recommended.
3. The dimensions of the corrugated cardboard box should be slightly larger than the product itself, and all voids should be filled with cushioning materials.
4. Before placing a damage-sensitive product in a box, you need to fill it 1/3 with corrugated cardboard shavings. After stacking the device, the rest of the space is filled with filler and the lid is closed.
5. If necessary, it is recommended to use double containers for transporting very fragile and sensitive products. For this, you will need another box, which will be 5-7 cm larger than the previous one. The gaps between the bottom and the walls are filled with sealants.
6. It is important to mark "Fragile goods" on the surface of the box, which will indicate to the shippers the need to handle the box carefully.
All these tips significantly increase the safety of transporting electronics and fragile goods in corrugated cardboard packaging. Thanks to such preparation, the risk of returning products due to a fight can be reduced to zero and will significantly increase customer loyalty.
The main advantages of corrugated packaging for electronics
Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of corrugated cardboard boxes, boxes, trays, etc. This allows you to choose the best option for packing smart watches, as well as for washing machines or other electrical appliances. At the same time, corrugated cardboard almost completely displaced wooden and plastic analogues from the market. This situation is due to a number of undeniable advantages of corrugated cardboard containers:
1. Price. The low cost of corrugated cardboard minimizes the impact on the final price of products. In addition, the producer also does not feel a particular material burden.
2. Strength. It is possible to choose 2-, 3-, 5- or 7-layer corrugated cardboard for a specific type of product, taking into account its characteristics. For example, a three-layer canvas will be enough for a mobile device, and a 5- or 7-layer cardboard is suitable for a refrigerator.
3. Versatility. You can pack absolutely any goods, regardless of their shape, dimensions, weight and level of fragility. There is a huge assortment of boxes that differ in design and technical features.
4. Environmental friendliness. Corrugated cardboard is made from wood and waste paper, which are safe and environmentally friendly raw materials. Thanks to this, the container can be used to transport even medical equipment.
5. Using. The high strength of the container allows you to use it repeatedly or for packing other things. In addition, corrugated cardboard is subject to secondary processing, which makes it possible to reduce the burden on the environment and obtain material benefits.
6. Individuality. The material is flexible in processing, which allows you to create packages with complex geometry. At the same time, you can order the manufacture of containers with individual parameters for a specific device or equipment.
7. Mass. The minimum weight of corrugated cardboard allows you to significantly reduce transportation costs. In addition, the boxes can be stacked, which ensures rational use of useful space in the body or container.
All these features and advantages indicate that corrugated cardboard is a versatile material with unique technical characteristics that are excellent for electronics and damage-sensitive products. Corrugated cardboard packaging has high strength and the ability to absorb vibrations from mechanical influences. In addition, the additional coating makes it possible to protect electrical equipment from the harmful effects of moisture. These facts confirm that corrugated cardboard is the best packaging material for sensitive goods and electronics.