How corrugated cardboard helps to reduce the loss of goods during transportation

  Corrugated cardboard is one of the most demanded packaging materials in the world. Ecologically clean and absolutely safe packaging makes it possible to store and transport almost all types of goods. However, transportation is the most responsible stage, as shaking, vibrations and other mechanical influences often cause product spoilage. In order to minimize product damage, it is necessary to approach the selection of containers and auxiliary elements in a comprehensive manner. One of the most profitable in this aspect is corrugated cardboard. Let's take a closer look at its features and positive characteristics that are important for successful logistics.The advantages of corrugated cardboard when transporting goods  Corrugated cardboard is an integral part of modern production and transportation of products, because it offers businesses many advantages compared to other packaging materials. Its use became an important step in improving logistics processes and ensuring the reliability and efficiency of goods delivery. Let us note the key advantages of corrugated cardboard during transportation:1. Strength . Despite the fact that the basis of the canvas is only straight and corrugated cardboard, the finished product has high indicators of resistance to damage. The material has high tear resistance, which is very important in the loading process. In addition, wavy layers make it possible to dampen vibrations, shocks, pressures and other mechanical influences.2. Minimum weight . One of the key aspects in transportation is the weight of the package. Cardboard is a leader compared to wooden, metal and plastic counterparts, allowing to transport more useful cargo at one time and thereby reducing logistics costs.3. Ecological safety . The material is created from raw materials subject to secondary processing, which allows to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Corrugated cardboard can be sold as a secondary raw material and thereby return part of the money. It also makes transportation cheaper.4. Reliable protection . Corrugated cardboard provides excellent protection of goods against moisture, dust and mechanical damage. Special coating and processing increases resistance to various climatic conditions. All this makes corrugated cardboard ideal for packing and transporting products even in adverse conditions.5. Saving money . The material has an affordable price, which helps to reduce the cost of transporting goods. Boxes, boxes and boxes can be reused, which is also an important point of saving, but for this you should choose multilayer products.6. Branding . Transportation and storage of goods in corrugated cardboard boxes can serve as an effective form of self-advertisement. For this purpose, manufacturers offer to print inscriptions, logos or images on the packaging.7. Ease of use . Self-assembling boxes are supplied in the format of corrugated cardboard sheets, which take up a minimum of useful space for storage and transportation. Moreover, assembling the box is done in a matter of seconds without tape or staples and complex manipulations.8. Security . The material has the ability to absorb impact force, which allows you to preserve the integrity of even fragile materials during a fall. Thanks to this, the danger to workers during loading or stacking of products is minimized.9. Compactness . Since corrugated cardboard boxes have clear geometric parameters, the packaging becomes as dense as possible. This ensures efficient use of useful space in the cargo compartment during transportation.10. Assortment . The market offers a huge selection of corrugated cardboard boxes, boxes, crates, trays and other containers in various sizes. This allows you to choose the best option for any product and thereby optimize transportation.These are the main advantages that can be obtained by using corrugated cardboard packaging when transporting goods over any distance. It is important to emphasize that the ecological purity of the products allows them to be used for packaging food, cosmetics, clothes, children's toys, medicines, etc.How to minimize the risk of product loss during transportation?  Corrugated cardboard has excellent cushioning characteristics, which helps to minimize the loss of goods during transportation. At the same time, there are a number of techniques and tips from professionals that allow you to increase the safety of even the most fragile products. Let's consider the most important points in preparation for transportation, which allow you to preserve the integrity of the cargo.The right choice of containers  First of all, you need to choose the shape, type and dimensions of the corrugated cardboard boxes in accordance with the characteristics of the goods that will be packed in them. The main thing is to pay attention to the following parameters:1. Product weight. It is important that the box can withstand the weight of the product itself. It depends on the number of fabric layers 3, 5 or 7.2. Dimensions The key rule is that the product should not touch the walls of the box. Special attention should be paid to irregularly shaped products. If necessary, you can order the production of containers according to individual parameters.3. Properties. In addition to classic boxes, modern manufacturers offer corrugated packaging designed for the transportation of liquid or powdered products.4. Appointment. The field of application of boxes largely depends on their design and material thickness, which must be taken into account in the selection process.It is important that there is enough useful space inside the package, which can be filled with shock-absorbing materials. They allow you to minimize fluctuations and increase the safety of products placed inside the container.Quality of materials  When choosing corrugated cardboard packaging for the transportation of products, it should be considered as a profitable investment. First of all, you need to understand that cheap products have low presentability. In addition, excessive savings have a negative effect on strength, due to which the packaging becomes unable to provide adequate protection during the transportation stage. Of course, thin corrugated cardboard will cost less, but excessive savings can lead to an increase in the percentage of the fight. As a result, the number of dissatisfied customers and returns will increase. All this will negatively affect the reputation of the business and customer loyalty.To minimize such problems, you should choose stronger boxes and boxes. This becomes especially important if they will be reused. Brand logos or images can be applied to the surface of the container to increase its presentability.Individual packaging  For the transportation of fragile objects in corrugated cardboard containers, it is necessary to use additional protection against mechanical damage. An excellent solution would be to wrap the product with two-layer corrugated cardboard or air-bubble film in several layers. At the same time, it is important to ensure that all parts of the product are evenly covered, providing good protection.Consumers will definitely appreciate if the product is packed in environmentally friendly, biodegradable film. When packing, you should not use too much adhesive tape for fixation, because in the desperate efforts of the buyer to open the product, it may be accidentally damaged.Filling the box  In the process of choosing a container, the product itself should not touch its walls. The remaining space should be filled with shock-absorbing material. It can be bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard shavings. The last option is preferred because it is environmentally friendly, more affordable and more reliable. Still, the choice is an individual decision, which is based on personal preferences, because the main task is to fill the space and fix the product.First, the cushioning material is placed on the bottom of the box, after which the product itself is placed. Having taken the central position along the perimeter, filler is added to the very top. It is important to fill the container tightly enough. At the same time, you need to take into account the visual component - after unpacking, the product should look presentable.Marking  In order to reduce possible difficulties during transportation and to increase the attention of shippers, the warning marking "Behave with caution!" should be applied. or "Careful, fragile!" on the outside of the box. Although such labels do not guarantee protection of the goods from falls or mechanical damage, they contribute to the faster resolution of possible misunderstandings with the transport company and to clarify the circumstances in case of delivery of damaged goods.A competent approach to the selection of corrugated cardboard containers, taking into account the above recommendations, allows you to minimize the loss of goods during transportation. At the same time, it is important to consider the type of canvas and filler, which will reduce the risk of fighting and returning products.

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